Beyocom's Holiday Fashion Tips

Nothing can be more momentous than having a long holiday and make a plan for your holiday. It doesn’t matter whether you want to go in your break but the only thing matters is that you always want to be seems stylish and fashionable. Who says you need to stay dull?

Your fashion should be depending on the weather and time, comfort and style


#1 Dress

Choosing the right dress depends on how you can carry that dress if you are travelling on your holiday. Moreover it depends on the sight place with adjusting the color. Like white or blue for sea beach or dark color for sun kissed picture.

You will look amazingly beautiful.

You may choose winter florals, velveteen suits, leather and lace to keep yourself stylish in your summer holiday outing. The winter holiday fashion with floral full-length dress will give extra stylish. The comfy dresses with different styles and designs will make festive in its own way. Leather jackets and winter suits will make you more cool and fashionable.

#2 Make up

Your nicey pictures will talk about your fantastic holiday outing and partying and make jealous to your colleagues and friends.

Sounds evil? Hahaha

However your pictures will come out way better for your flawless makeup. Take your makeup what you can take while travelling or for holiday party and give a touch of your artistry hand to look at you way better gorgeous and glamour’s.



#3 Take your Footwear


The only holiday footwear you need classy and comfort. For parties why not to choose different colors of shoes with different fabrics with sparkle heels heights.  For the winter season you can run around comfortably with boots, slipper and different heel heights with comfy leathers, beautiful fabrics and soft velvet. In the parties you will look fab and catches the eyes of others for sure with your modern stylish shoes.


#4 Look After Your Body and Skin

Last but not the least your fashion and style will speak about your appearance if you take proper care to your body and skin. Take extra care to feed your skin and make it way better in natural way.

If you are travelling you should must take a proper care to your skin and body to get rid of dehydration.

Tip #1 Drink water as much as you can. You can also drink any types of juice that you like most.

Tip #2 Always apply SPF 20 to 30 especially if you are going out for a whole day or going in beach area.

Tip #3 don’t be lazy in cleaning your face. Clean your face every day in a proper way with your stuffs.

Tip #4 Last but not the least try to eat fruits and salad as much as you can to keep yourself healthy on your holiday.


Give time to yourself to make your holiday memorable with BEYOCOM and spend your holiday with your loved ones with love and happiness, fashion and care…