Beyocom Pencil Lipliner


This brand new and high-quality Beyocom Pencil Liner is easy to carry and suitable for personal and professional use. The benefits of this lipliner are the liner not being easy to fade. The quality of the liner gives your lip a soft, even, and smooth look/feel. 

Major Benefits of the Beyocom Pencil Lipliner:

1. Soft and Smooth, giving you the ability to sketch colorful lines
2. Soft and easy to apply. Giving you a nice touch with one colorful stroke
3. Colorful and long-lasting. This lipliner is waterproof and hard to fade
4. Giving you the ability to sketch lip lines with ease giving them a rich and beautiful look 
5. Te Beyocom Pencil Lipliner gives you the ability to minimize lip prints and preventing dry lips 

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